This page shows the directory structure for modules, and the content types that can be included.

Module Directories and Files

The following directory structure follows the pattern for modules as they are checked into source control. The structure of the module as deployed to the server is somewhat different, for details see below. If your module contains Java code or Java Server Pages (JSPs), you will need to compile it before it can be deployed.

Items shown in lowercase are literal values that should be preserved in the directory structure; items shown in UPPERCASE should be replaced with values that reflect the nature of your project.

MODULE_NAME │ docs └──resources    │ module.xml docs, example    ├───assay docs    ├───credits docs    ├───domain-templates docs    ├───etls docs    ├───folderTypes docs    ├───olap example    ├───pipeline docs, example    ├───queries docs    │ └───SCHEMA_NAME    │ │ QUERY_NAME.js docs, example (trigger script)    │ │ QUERY_NAME.query.xml docs, example    │ │ QUERY_NAME.sql example    │ └───QUERY_NAME    │ VIEW_NAME.qview.xml docs, example    ├───reports docs    │ └───schemas    │ └───SCHEMA_NAME    │ └───QUERY_NAME    │ MyRScript.r example    │ docs, example    │ MyRScript.rhtml docs    │ MyRScript.rmd docs    ├───schemas docs    │ │ SCHEMA_NAME.xml example    │ └───dbscripts    │ ├───postgresql    │ │ SCHEMA_NAME-X.XX-Y.YY.sql example    │ └───sqlserver    │ SCHEMA_NAME-X.XX-Y.YY.sql example    ├───scripts docs, example    ├───views docs    │ VIEW_NAME.html example    │ VIEW_NAME.view.xml example    │ TITLE.webpart.xml example    └───web docs        └───MODULE_NAME                SomeImage.jpg                somelib.lib.xml                SomeScript.js example

Module Layout - As Source

If you are developing your module inside the LabKey Server source, use the following layout. The standard build targets will automatically assemble the directories for deployment. In particular, the standard build target makes the following changes to the module layout:

  • Moves the contents of /resources one level up into /mymodule.
  • Uses to create the file config/module.xml via string replacement into an XML template file.
  • Compiles the Java /src dir into the /lib directory.
mymodule ├─── ├───resources │ ├───assay │ ├───etls │ ├───folderTypes │ ├───queries │ ├───reports │ ├───schemas │ ├───views │ └───web └───src (for modules with Java code)

Module Layout - As Deployed

The standard build targets transform the source directory structure above into the form below for deployment to Tomcat.

mymodule ├───assay ├───config │ └───module.xml ├───etls ├───folderTypes ├───lib (holds compiled Java code) ├───queries ├───reports ├───schemas ├───views └───web

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