This topic is under construction for the 17.3 release of LabKey Server. For current documentation of this feature, click here.

Obtain the Sample Data

Set Up a Workspace

  • If you haven't already installed LabKey Server, follow the steps in the topic Install LabKey Server (Quick Install).
  • Open a web browser and navigate to the Home project (or another project of your choice).
  • Sign in.
  • Create a new folder to work in:
    • Go to Admin > Folder > Management.
    • Click Create Subfolder.
      • Name: "List Tutorial"
      • Folder Type: Collaboration.
      • Click Next.
    • On the Users/Permissions page, make no changes and click Finish.
  • Add the Lists Web Part:
    • Enter page admin mode by selecting Page Admin Mode.
    • Using the "<Select Web Part>" dropdown in the lower left, select Lists and click Add.

Import a List Archive

  • In the Lists web part, click Manage Lists.
  • Click Import List Archive.
  • Click Choose File and browse to the [LabKeyDemoFiles]/Lists/NIMH directory, and select the list archive:
  • Click Import List Archive.

The list archive includes four lists interconnected with some specific fields defined as lookups to other lists. You can continue the tutorial using the newly imported set of lists.

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