We're delighted to announce the release of LabKey Server version 23.7.

Highlights of Version 23.7

LabKey Server

  • Samples have additional default system fields helping you track storage, aliquot, and the amount (with units) of the sample. (docs | docs)
  • Assay Results grids can be modified to show who created and/or modified individual result rows and when. (docs)
  • Administrators can configure the retention time for audit log events. (docs)

Sample Manager

  • Enhancements in working with multiple Sample Manager Projects, including the ability to only show data relevant to a given Project and to move data between Projects. (docs | docs)
  • Do more during Sample import from a file, such as import for several Sample Types at once and create storage on the fly for the new Samples. (docs | docs)
  • Administrators are now granted the abilities of the "Storage Editor" role by default. (docs)


  • Molecular Physical Property Calculator is available for confirming and updating Molecule variations. (docs)
  • Electronic Lab Notebook enhancements make references easier to use and editing more intuitive. (docs | docs)
  • Lineage relationships among custom registry sources can be represented. (docs)

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