Once you've created a page for a project, folder, or tab, you can add tools called Web Parts which serve as windows onto the data contained in a particular module. There are two display regions for web parts, each offering a different set of web parts. The narrower right-hand column might contain a table of contents for wider wikis or report web parts available on the left. Some, like Search can be added in either place. The list of web parts available is determined by the selected project type.

Add a Web Part

  • Navigate to a page or tab in a folder or project.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  • Choose the web part from the <Select Web Part> drop down box and click Add

Note: If you want to add a web part that does not appear in the drop down box, choose Admin > Folder > Management > Folder Type to view or change the folder type. Selecting a Custom folder type will make all LabKey web parts available to be added to project pages.

Anchor Tags for Web Parts

You can create a URL or link to a specific web part by referencing its "anchor". The anchor is the name of the web part. For example, this page in the File Management Tutorial example has several web parts.

This URL will navigate the user directly to the "Preliminary Lab Results" query shown low on the page. Notice that spaces are replaced with "%20".

Related Topics

See Web Part Inventory for a catalog of web parts. See Manage Web Parts to learn how to customize web part settings and move or remove web parts.





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