LabKey Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Premium Feature — Available in the Enterprise Edition of LabKey Server. Learn more or contact LabKey.

Large amounts of clinical data is locked up in free-hand notes and document formats that were not originally designed for entry into computer systems. How can this data be extracted for the purposes of standardization, consolidation, and clinical research? LabKey's Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Document Abstraction, Curation, and Annotation workflow tools help to unlock this data and transform it into a tabular format that can better yield clinical insight.

LabKey Server's solution focuses on the overall workflow required to efficiently transform large of amounts of data into formats usable by researchers. Teams can take an integrated, scalable approach to both manual data abstraction and automated natural language processing (NLP) engine use.

LabKey NLP is available for subscription purchase from LabKey. For further information, please contact LabKey.



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