This tutorial can be completed using a free 30-day trial version of LabKey Server.

This tutorial shows you how to translate real entities in the lab into data objects in LabKey Server. The activities represented include:

  • Tracking sample vials and their freezer locations
  • Capture of experimental/assay result data
  • Linkage between vials and downstream experimental data
  • Basic lab workflows, such as the intake and processing of sample vials
  • Vial status, such as "Consumed", "Ready for processing", "Contaminated", etc.
A live, completed version of this tutorial is available here: Example Lab Workflow Folder.

The following illustration shows a basic lab workflow, where samples, stored in vials inside of freezers, are run through an assay instrument, which outputs result data. The top portion of the image shows the real-world lab entities (freezers, vials, instruments, and Excel files); the bottom portion of the image shows the analogous LabKey Server data capture mechanisms (Lists, Sample Types, Assay Types, and Assay Designs).

Tutorial Steps

The tutorial has the following four steps:

First Step (1 of 4)

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