This topic is under construction for the July 2020 release of LabKey Server.

Premium Feature — This feature is available with the Professional and Enterprise Editions of LabKey Server. Learn more or contact LabKey.

One or more Proxy Servlets can be configured by a site administrator to act as reverse proxies to external web applications, such as Plotly Dash. A configured proxy servlet receives HTTP requests from a client such as a web browser, and passes them on to the external web application; HTTP responses are then received and passed back to the client.

The primary benefits of using a proxy servlet are:

  • The external web application can be secured behind a firewall. LabKey Server needs access, but clients do not need their own direct access.
  • LabKey will securely pass context about the current user to the external web application.
Administrators configure proxy servlets by clicking a link in the Admin Console (“Proxy Servlets”) and interacting with a page that allows adding and deleting configurations.



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