Set Up an Assay Folder

An administrator can set up a folder with the necessary web parts for assay/instrument data. You can either use the Assay folder type directly, or add the web parts to another folder type with tools you will use, such as Study.

  • Assay folder: Creating an Assay folder allows you to set up a staging area for assays, separate from other types of data. To integrate with Study data, you would create a different folder for the study.
  • Study folder: Creating a Study folder and adding assay web parts places all assay and study data in one place. If you do not care about separating assay data, you can choose this option.

Assay List Web Part

Users can access the Assay List by selecting (Admin) > Manage Assays. You can make it more convenient by adding the Assay List web part to your folder.

The Assay List is the starting place for defining or using assays available here. It lists assays defined in any of the following places:

  • Current folder
  • Current project
  • The Shared project, where assays are placed to be shared site wide. Learn more here.

Other Assay Web Parts

Additional assay web parts can be added to a folder to display information for specific assays:

  • Assay Batches: Displays a list of batches for a specific assay.
  • Assay Runs: Displays a list of runs for a specific assay.
  • Assay Results: Displays a list of results for a specific assay.
  • Files: While not exclusive to assays, providing a file browser can be useful. Learn more in this topic: Using the Files Repository.

Integrate with Study - Directly or by Linking

You can link quality-controlled assay results into a study when these results are ready for broader sharing and integration with other data types. The target study can exist in the same folder as your assay list or in a separate one. Assay results will be linked into a study and appear as datasets.

If you plan to publish your assay data to a study, create or customize a study-type folder. You can include a specific study to which you want to link approved data in your assay design.

If you want to avoid creating a separate study folder you may also enable study-features in an existing assay-type folder:

  • Select (Admin) > Folder > Management.
  • Choose the Folder Type tab.
  • Select Study and click Update.

For more details, please see Folder Types.

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