Custom SQL queries give you the ability to flexibly present the data in a table in any way you wish. To edit a query's name, description, or visibility properties, follow the instructions in this topic.

Permissions: To edit a custom SQL query, you must have both the "Editor" role (or higher) and one of the developer roles "Platform Developer" or "Trusted Analyst".

Edit Properties

  • Go to the Schema Browser: (Admin) > Go To Module > Query
  • Select the schema and query/table of interest and then click Edit Properties.
  • The Edit query properties page will appear, for example:

Available Query Properties

Name: This value appears as the title of the query/table in the Schema Browser, data grids, etc.

Description: Text entered here will be shown with your query in the Schema Browser.

Available in child folders: Queries live in a particular folder on LabKey Server, but can be marked as inheritable by setting this property to 'yes'. Note that the query will only be available in child folders containing the matching base schema and table.

Hidden from the user: If you set this field to 'yes', then the query will no longer appear in the Schema Browser, or other lists of available queries. It will still appear on the list of available base queries when you create a new query.

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