Release Notes: Version 22.7 (July 2022)

Here's what we're working on for LabKey version 22.7 (July 2022).

LabKey Server


  • Include lookups to ancestor columns in sample grids.

RedCap Integration

  • Duplicate lists will only be imported once for matching key/value pairs, improving reload of studies from RedCap.


  • Use wiki aliases to redirect legacy links when page names change. (docs)


  • Improved and streamlined QC Plot user interface. (docs) These changes are also available in version 22.3.4.
    • When showing all series in a single plot, hovering over a point will highlight the selected series.
    • Points in plots are no longer shown as different shapes; all points are now circles, with excluded data shown as an open circle.
    • Streamlined interface for QC plots, including removal of the small/large option, adjusted spacing for better display, and rearrangement of the plot checkboxes and options.

Premium Resources

Dependency Changes

  • Beginning with version 22.4 (April 2022), support for Java 16 will be removed. Before upgrading, Java will need to be upgraded to a supported version of JDK 17.
  • Beginning with version 22.4 (April 2022), support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 as the primary database will be removed. Before upgrading, your database will need to be upgraded to a supported version of Microsoft SQL Server.

Developer Resources

Sample Manager

Sample Manager Release Notes listing features by monthly version.

  • Rename Sample ids
  • Multi-tab exports to Excel
  • Rename sample types and source types.
  • Improved grid filtering and sorting interface.
  • In the Sample Finder, apply multiple filtering expressions to a given column of a parent or source type. (docs)
  • Download data import templates from more places, making it easier to import samples, sources, and assay data from files. (docs)


Biologics release notes listing features by monthly version.

  • Improved grid filtering interface
  • Download templates from more places, making file imports easier. (docs)
  • Share freezers across multiple Biologics subfolders. (docs)
  • Manage user accounts and permissions assignments within the Biologics application. (docs)
  • Full text search will find results across Bioregistry entities, samples, notebooks, and more. (docs)
  • Use the Sample Finder to find samples based on parent properties, giving users the flexibility to locate samples based on bioregistry details and lineage details. (docs)

Client APIs and Development Notes

  • Version 1.5.0 of the LabKey Java API (labkey-client-api) has been published.
    • There is an accompanying v1.1.1 of labkey-api-jdbc, which updates the dependency version for labkey-client-api.
  • API Resources

The symbol indicates a feature available in a Premium Edition of LabKey Server.

Previous Release Notes: Version 22.3


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