Explore LabKey Biologics - Hosted Trial

To get started using LabKey Biologics, you can create a trial instance of LabKey Biologics. Go here to Start Your Free Trial, enter some basic contact information, and go!

Biologics trial instances contain some example data and you can run tutorials to explore using LabKey Biologics and adding your own research data. Your trial lasts 30 days and we're ready to help you understand how LabKey Biologics can work for you.</p>

Biologics Tours

Tour key functionality of LabKey Biologics on your trial server in this topic: Introduction to LabKey Biologics

Trial Support Forum

If you have questions or need guidance, please reach out in the Trial Support Forum.

Extending Your Trial: When your trial is nearing it's expiration date, you will see a banner message in the server offering you upgrade options. If you need a bit more time to explore, you can extend your trial beyond the initial 30 days


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