Compliance module logging is designed to answer questions such as:
  • Which users have seen a given patient's data? What data was viewed by each user?
  • Which patients have been seen by a particular user? What data was viewed for each patient?
  • Which roles and PHI levels were declared by each user? Were those declarations appropriate to their job roles & assigned responsibilities?
  • Was all data the user accessed consistent with the user's declarations?

What Gets Logged

To open the Audit Log:

  • Select (Admin) > Site > Admin Console.
  • Click the Admin Console Links tab.
  • Under Management click Audit Log.
  • Select Compliance Activity Events from the dropdown.

Events that are logged by default include:
  • The login event.
  • The terms of use agreed to.
Other logging behavior must be is customized for each client's regulatory requirements. Possible logging events include:
  • The ParticipantIds and columns accessed, including the PHI columns.
  • The SQL query used to access data.

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