Compliance module logging is designed to answer questions such as:
  • Which users have seen a given patient's data? What data was viewed by each user?
  • Which patients have been seen by a particular user? What data was viewed for each patient?
  • Which roles and PHI levels were declared by each user? Were those declarations appropriate to their job roles & assigned responsibilities?
  • Was all data the user accessed consistent with the user's declarations?
Site administrators can view the standard audit logs by visiting Admin > Site > Admin Console. Under Management click Audit Log.

What Gets Logged

Logging behavior is customized for each client's regulatory requirements. Each application determines how the logging is configured. Possible logging events include:

  • the security role, IRB, PHI level, and terms of use declared on login.
  • the ParticipantIds and columns accessed, including the PHI columns.
  • the SQL query used to access data

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