The site or project Theme is a way to control the overall look and feel of your web site with a custom color palette. You can set a site wide theme, and individual projects can also choose a different theme to override the site one.

Select a Site Theme

To select a web theme at the site level:

  • Select (Admin) > Site > Admin Console.
  • Under Configuration, click Look and Feel Settings.
  • Select a Theme from the dropdown.
  • Click Save.

Theme Options

Theme options include:

  • Harvest: Orange
  • Leaf: Green
  • Madison: Red
  • Mono: Gray
  • Ocean: Teal
  • Overcast: Blue
  • Seattle: Lighter blue

Select a Project Theme

  • Select (Admin) > Folder > Project Settings.
  • The Properties tab is open by default.
  • Select a Theme from the dropdown.
  • Click Save.

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