In a Structured Narrative Dataset (SND) system, Projects define which packages are available for use in a particular study.


A project is a way to control access, link to billing and protocol information, and give context to a chosen group of super-packages. The set of packages available on data entry forms can be controlled by project lists, specific to the revision of a project the user is working on. See Create Projects below for more information.


Projects have revisions with distinct start and end dates that may not overlap. Gaps in time between revisions are allowed. Revision numbers are incremented by one and gaps in numbers may not exist.

Revisions allow for significant changes to existing projects, such as funding sources (defined through external linkage) while providing history about a project's previous incarnations.

Only the most recent revision of a project can be deleted, and not if it is in use.


Projects have a ReferenceId field that provides coupling to a query source (table) that exists outside the SND model. This field is used to provide access to additional data that are necessary for the particular implementation of this model. For example, funding sources or participant data. The reference source is defined in the module configuration to make the design more robust by avoiding the need to anticipate the ways in which the model will be used.

Create and Edit Projects

The list of projects can be searched, and shown with or without drafts and inactive projects listed. Links for viewing, editing, or revising each project are provided. Create a new one by clicking New Project.

Project Creation and Editing

The interface for creating and editing projects has a panel for start/end date and description, with a dual panel for selecting packages below it. Click a package on the Available Packages list and select Add to add it to the project. You can view the narrative for any package by clicking it.

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