A transformation script can be included in a module-based assay by including a directory called 'scripts' in the assay directory. In this case, the exploded module structure looks something like:


The scripts directory contains one or more script files; e.g., "validation.pl".

The order of script invocation can be specified in the config.xml file. See the <transformScripts> element. If scripts are not listed in the config.xml file, they will be executed in alphabetical order based on file name.

A script engine must be defined for the appropriate type of script (for the example script named above, this would be a Perl engine). The rules for defining a script engine for module-based assays are the same as they are for Java-based assays.

When a new assay instance is created, you will notice that the script appears in the assay designer, but it is read-only (the path cannot be changed or removed). Just as for Java-defined assays, you will still see an additional text box where you can specify one or more additional scripts.


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