This topic provides examples of query metadata.

Auditing Level

Set the level of detail recorded in the audit log. The example below sets auditing to "DETAILED" on the Physical Exam table.

<tables xmlns="">
<table tableName="Physical Exam" tableDbType="NOT_IN_DB">

Conditional Formatting

The following adds a yellow background color to any cells showing a value greater than 72.

<tables xmlns="">
<table tableName="Physical Exam" tableDbType="NOT_IN_DB">
<column columnName="Pulse">
<filter operator="gt" value="72" />

Other Examples

  • Query Metadata: Examples - Small snippet examples.
  • kinship.query.xml
    • Disables the standard insert, update, and delete buttons/links with the empty <insertUrl /> and other tags.
    • Configures lookups on a couple of columns and hides the RowId column in some views.
    • Adds a custom button "More Actions" with a child menu item "Limit To Animals In Selection" that calls a JavaScript method provided in a referenced .js file.
  • Data.query.xml
    • Configures columns with custom formatting for some numeric columns, and color coding for the QCFlag column.
    • Adds multiple menu options under the "More Actions" button at the end of the button bar.
  • Formulations.query.xml
    • Sends users to custom URLs for the insert, update, and grid views.
    • Retains some of the default buttons on the grid, and adds a "Delete Formulations" button between the "Paging" and "Print" buttons.
  • encounter_participants.query.xml
  • AssignmentOverlaps.query.xml
  • Aliquots.query.xml & performCellSort.html
    • Adds a button to the Sample Sets web part. When the user selects samples and clicks the button, the page performCallSort.html is shown, where the user can review the selected records before exporting the records to an Excel file.
    • To use this sample, place Aliquots.query.xml in a module's ./resources/queries/Samples directory. Rename Aliquots.query.xml it to match your sample set's name. Edit the tableName attribute in the Aliquots.query.xml to match your sample set's name. Replace the MODULE_NAME placeholder with the name of your module. Place the HTML file in your module's ./resources/views directory. Edit the queryName config parameter to match the sample set's name.

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