LabKey Server provides both a file repository and a database for securely storing, sharing and integrating your information.
  • Browser-based, secure upload of files to LabKey Server where you can archive, search, store, and share.
  • Structured import of data into the LabKey database, either from files already uploaded or from files stored outside the server. The imported data can be analyzed and integrated with other data.
  • Browser-based, secure sharing and viewing of files and data on your LabKey Server.

Basic Functions

Once files have been uploaded to the repository, they can be securely searched, shared and viewed, or downloaded. Learn the basics in this tutorial:

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Scientific Functions

Once data has been imported into the database, team members can integrate it across source files, analyze it in grid views (using sort, filter, charting, export and other features), perform quality control, or use domain specific tools (eg., NAb, Flow, etc.). The basic functions described above (search, share, download and view) remain available for both the data and its source files.

Application Examples

Members of a research team might upload experimental data files into the repository during a sequence of experiments. Other team members could then use these files to identify a consistent assay design and import the data into the database later in a consistent manner. Relevant tutorials:

Alternatively, data can be imported into the database in a single step bypassing individual file upload. Relevant tutorials:

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