This Wiki Admin Guide will help you set up wiki web parts. To use learn how to use a wiki once you have set one up, please read the Wiki User Guide. The Admin Guide presumes you are logged in as an Admin and thus have full Admin permissions.

Wiki Web Parts

In order to access wiki features, you usually add a Wiki web part to a folder that contains the wiki module.

The wiki module provides three kinds of wiki web parts:

  • The wide Wiki web part displays one wiki page in the main panel of the page.
  • The narrow Wiki web part displays one wiki page on the right side.
  • The Wiki Table of Contents (TOC) web part displays links to all the wiki pages in the folder on the right side of the page.

Special Wiki Pages

You can also create a specially-named wiki page to display custom "Terms of Use" and require a use to agree to these terms before gaining access. For more information, see Establish Terms of Use.

Customizing the Wiki Web Part

To specify the page to display in the Wiki web part, first add a Wiki Web Part using the Select Web Part drop-down menu. You must be logged in as an Admin to add web parts. After you have added the Wiki Web Part, click either Choose an existing page to display or Create a new wiki page.

Choose an Existing Page

There are two dropdowns:

  • Folder containing the page to display: Select the project or folder where the page is located. You can access any wiki in a container to which you have read access.
  • Name and title of the page to display: Select the page name from the second drop-down list showing the wikis available in the container you selected above. The title bar of the Wiki web part always displays the title of the selected page.
You can use this feature to display content that is stored in a folder with different permissions than the one in which it is displayed. By placing wikis from permission-restricted projects in the Shared project, you can make them available site-wide. Select "/Shared" from the first dropdown to see wikis made available for site-wide display in this way.

Create a New Wiki Page

This option directly opens the wiki editor in the current folder. See Wiki User Guide.

The Wiki Module Versus the Wiki Web Part

It's helpful to understand the difference between the Wiki module and the Wiki web part. The Wiki module displays all of your wiki pages for that project or folder on the Wiki tab. The Wiki web part, on the other hand, appears only on the Portal page and displays only one page, either the default page or another page that you have designated.

When you are viewing the Wiki module, the Wiki tab is always active, and you'll always see the Wiki TOC on the right side of the page. When you are viewing the Wiki web part on the Portal page, the Portal tab is active and the Wiki TOC can be added optionally.

If you have created a project or folder with the folder type set to Custom, you must explicitly display the Wiki tab or add a Wiki web part in order to add wiki content.

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