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The identity and credential LabKey will use to access your S3 bucket are generated by creating an AWS Identity .

AWS Identity Credentials

On the AWS console click "Add User", provide a user name, select Programmatic Access, create a new group and give it AdministratorAccess. If AdministratorAccess is not possible, the detailed permissions required are listed below.

At the end of the AWS setup wizard, you will be given an "Access key id" and a "Secret access key". Enter these in the Identity and Credentials fields when you create a Cloud Account on LabKey Server.

S3 Permissions Required

The detailed permissions required for S3 access are listed below. Substitute your bucket name where you see BUCKET_NAME.


If the bucket uses a KMS key, the user will need additional permissions to Download/Upload. Substitute your KMS_KEY_ARN where indicated.


Additionally, if ACLs are defined on individual objects within a bucket, the user will need READ and READ_ACP permission to each object for read-only usage, and WRITE and WRITE_ACP for write usage.

See more information about S3 permissions in the AWS documentation.

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