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Within Skyline, users can create lists which have one or more columns of different data types. This topic describes how to access these lists within Panorama.

Skyline Lists

When a Skyline Document import includes lists, you can access them by clicking the "lists" link in the Document Summary panel.

Click the name of any list to see the contents. Annotations within the Skyline document that reference the given list will resolve as a lookups in LabKey to the relevant row.

These lists are functionally similar to LabKey Server lists, but stored, scoped, and surfaced in different ways. Skyline lists are saved in Skyline's XML file format, then parsed and imported to Panorama specific tables. They can be viewed, queried, and exported from LabKey in the targetedmslists schema. Skyline lists are read-only inside of LabKey, like other Skyline data, so you will need to make any changes in Skyline and upload a new version.

Skyline lists are scoped to the specific Skyline document which includes them. If the document is deleted from LabKey, the list will also be deleted.

Multiple Skyline documents could each have a list with the same name without raising conflicts since the name is stored with the unique RunId as a prefix. The superset of all lists with the same name is stored with the prefix "All_". For example, if runs 106 and 107 each have a "DocumentProperties" list, the targetedmslists schema would contain:

  • 106_DocumentProperties
  • 107_DocumentProperties
  • All_DocumentProperties

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