Detailed statistics and graphs for each individual well can be accessed for any run.

Access Well Details

On the My Flow Tutorial page, in the Flow Analyses web part, click Analysis then labkey-demo.xml to return to the grid.
  • Hover over any row to reveal, then click a (Details) link.
  • The details view will look something like this:
  • Collapse the subset hierarchies by clicking the small triangle next to the top folder, or simply scroll down to see the graphs.

You can see a similar online example here.

View More Graphs

  • Scroll down the page and click More Graphs.
  • This allows you to construct additional graphs. You can choose the analysis script, compensation matrix, subset, and both axes.
  • Click Show Graph.

View Keywords from the FCS File

  • At the top of the well details page, click the name of the FCS File, here "119162.fcs".
  • Click the Keywords link to expand the list:

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