Modules can contribute content to the main credits page on your LabKey Server. This topic describes how to add a credits page to your module.

Create a jars.txt file documenting all jars and drop it in the following directory:


The jars.txt file must be written in wiki language and contain a table with appropriate columns. See the following example:

Filename|Component|Version|Source|License|LabKey Dev|Purpose
annotations.jar|Compiler annotations|1.0|{link:JetBrains|}|{link:Apache 2.0|}|adam|Annotations to enable compile-time checking for null
antlr-3.1.1.jar|ANTLR|3.1.1|{link:ANTLR|}|{link:BSD|}|mbellew|Query language parsing
axis.jar|Apache Axis|1.2RC2|{link:Apache|}|{link:Apache
2.0|}|jeckels|Web service implementation

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