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This topic shows example hardware/software configurations for different LabKey Server installations. These are intended as guidelines only -- your own configuration should be adjusted to suit your particular requirements.  Installation instructions and supported technologies can be found at the links below:

General Recommendations

The following recommendations apply to all servers:

  • We recommend running three separate instances of LabKey Server, one for Testing, one for Staging, and one for Production.
  • For each instance (Test, Staging, Production), Tomcat and the main database (either PostgreSQL or MS SQL Server) should be running on the matching machines or virtual machines (M/VM).

Installation Scenarios

Small Laboratory Server




Medium-Sized Server

The following configuration is appropriate for a server holding MS2 data and running the Panorama module.


  • For the Production environment, the M/VM will have 2 CPU(core) and 4GB of memory.
  • As your Production environment sees more usage, we recommend increasing the amount of memory to 8GB at a minimum (and then increasing the memory used by Tomcat and PostgreSQL accordingly).

Oracle Java

Apache Tomcat

Database Configuration

  • Note that PostgreSQL is described here, but MS SQL would work just as well.
  • See Supported Technologies for version information
  • Configuration Settings:
    • Server configuration(postgresql.conf file located in PGDATA directory). Recommended settings:
      • Shared Buffers: 1024MB
      • Work mem: 10MB
      • Maintenance work mem: 1024MB
      • Checkpoint segments: 10
      • Checkpoint timeout: 15min
      • Random page count: 1.4
      • Effective cache size: 3072MB
      • join_collapse_limit: 10

Large Multi-Project Server


2+ CPU, 4+ cores
16GB Memory
64GB+ File Storage, 100+GB database storage







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