LabKey Server provides rich tools for working with databases and SQL queries. By developing SQL queries you can:
  • Create filtered grid views of data.
  • Join data from different tables.
  • Group data and compute aggregates for each group.
  • Add a calculated column to a query.
  • Format how data is displayed using query metadata.
  • Create staging tables for building reports.
Special features include:
  • An intuitive table-joining syntax called lookups. Lookups use a convenient syntax of the form "Table.ForeignKey.FieldFromForeignTable" to achieve what would normally require a JOIN in SQL. For details see LabKey SQL Reference.
  • Parameterized SQL statements. Pass parameters to a SQL query via a JavaScript API.
How are SQL Queries processed?: LabKey Server parses the query, does security checks, and basically "cross-compiles" the query into the native dialect before passing it on to the underlying database.



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