Administrators can mark columns as either non-PHI, PHI, Limited, or Restricted. This column metadata is used to control user access in a given application. Administrators may control the PHI metadata assignments without actually viewing the data in the columns.

You can assign PHI level to columns using two different methods:

  • Use the LabKey user interface
  • Use XML metadata

Using the LabKey User Interface

Note: this functionality will be available in version 17.2.

Using XML Metadata

You can mark columns as PHI in the schema definition XML file.

In the example below, the column DeathOrLastContactDate has been marked as "Limited":

<column columnName="DeathOrLastContactDate">

Possible values are:

  • NotPHI
  • Limited
  • PHI
  • Restricted
The default value is NotPHI. Custom modules can implement special handling of PHI levels if they require it.

PHI XML Reference:





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