This topic provides the full release notes for LabKey version 20.3 (March 2020).

Sample Manager

  • LabKey Sample Manager is now available with every Premium Edition, offering easy tracking of laboratory workflows, sample lineage, and experimental data.


User Experience

  • List Designer - Create and edit Lists with an improved user interface, including: drag-and-drop reordering of fields, improved primary key selection, and responsive implementation using ReactJS.
  • Specimens and File Properties - The user interface for editing file properties and specimen fields has been similarly improved.

Provenance Module

  • Run Builder - Capture laboratory processes by linking samples and/files to a "run". For example, to define and characterize processes which have samples as inputs and result files as outputs.

Security Administration

  • Improved Authentication Administration - User authentication administration has been updated with a modern, easy-to-use interface that supports multiple configurations per authentication protocol and drag-and-drop reordering.
  • LDAP Configuration Changes - LDAP authentication is a premium feature beginning in version 20.3 (March 2020). In addition, LDAP Search configuration has been moved to the administration interface.


  • Expanded Rlabkey Authentication - Rlabkey version 2.3.4 supports username/password authentication directly in an R script via the labkey.setDefaults() helper function.


File Watchers

  • Prevent Domain Changes - When filewatchers are configured to update lists and datasets, set the parameter "allowDomainUpdates" to false to retain the column set of the existing list.


  • Sample File Scoped Chromatograms - Display and provide API access to chromatogram-style data contained within Skyline documents.
  • Skyline Document Version Updates - Updates to Panorama to ensure full compatibility with changes to Skyline's file format.
  • Multi Attribute Method (MAM) reporting - To support MAM analysis, Panorama now includes a post-translational modification (PTM) report that shows the percent of peptides that included tracked PTMs across samples, as well as a Peptide ID report that shows the identified peptides with their retention times, and expected and observed masses.



  • Important Security Update - LabKey Server 20.3 includes an important security update, which has been back-ported to version 19.3.7. We strongly recommend that you upgrade your servers to at least 19.3.7 to pick up this security update.
  • Month-based Version Names - A new month-based naming pattern has been adopted for LabKey Server. This March 2020 release is named 20.3; the next production release in July 2020 will be 20.7.
  • SchemaVersion Property - Modules have a new property 'SchemaVersion' used to control the running of SQL schema upgrade scripts.
  • Changes to Names of Premium Editions - The names of the Premium Editions of LabKey Server have changed. The Professional edition is now called "Starter" and the Professional Plus edition is now called "Professional".
  • AdoptOpenJDK 13 - Starting with LabKey Server 20.3.0, AdoptOpenJDK 13 is supported for new installations and upgrades.


Upcoming Releases

  • Mass Spec Metadata Assay Type to be Removed - The Mass Spec Metadata assay type is scheduled to be removed from distributions beginning with release 20.7 (July 2020).
  • Java, Tomcat, and PostgreSQL Versions - Beginning with release 20.4 (April 2020), LabKey will no longer support JDK 12.x, Tomcat 7.0.x, and PostgreSQL 9.4.x. These components will need to be upgraded to versions supported by their vendors.


  • FDA MyStudies Documentation Portal - A new portal centralizes documentation for the FDA MyStudies platform.
  • Installation Documentation - The installation documentation has been improved, including separate checklists for Linux and Windows installations, Linux command examples, clarified requirements for Tomcat configuration, and more.

New Premium Resources

Click here for a full list of premium resources available.

Maintenance Releases

  • Version 20.3.1
    • AdoptOpenJDK 14 - Starting with LabKey Server version 20.3.1, AdoptOpenJDK 14 is supported for production installations (and for developers who are compiling from source).
  • Version 20.3.7
    • LabKey wishes to thank community member Sushant Kumawat for alerting us to an important defect that we addressed in this release.

Release of Rlabkey Version 2.4.0

The update of the Rlabkey client library for R to version 2.4.0 brings several notable changes:
  • labkey.experiment.saveBatch includes the batchPropertyList parameter
  • labkey.domain.createDesign now has a labkey.domain.createIndices helper and indices parameter
  • New methods for managing projects and folders:,,,

The symbol indicates a feature available in a Premium Edition of LabKey Server.

Previous Release Notes: Version 19.3

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