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User Experience

  • Improved Field Editor - The user interface for editing file properties and specimen fields has been updated. (docs and docs)


  • Improved Authentication Interface - The interface for managing user authentication has been updated. (docs)
  • Multiple Authentication Configurations - Premium Edition users can define multiple configurations for the same authentication providers. (docs)
  • LDAP Configuration Changes - LDAP authentication is a premium feature beginning in March 2020. In addition, LDAP Search configuration has been moved to the user interface. (docs)


  • Data Provenance - Track assay data provenance.


  • Sample File Scoped Chromatograms - Panorama will show and provide API access to chromatogram-style data that is contained within Skyline documents. (docs)


  • Session Expiration Management - Popup messages explain session timeout, logout, and server unavailability and prompt the user to log in to continue. (docs)


  • Updated Version Naming - A new month-based naming pattern has been adopted. todo


  • Sample Comparision Reports - Create assay summary reports for selected samples. (docs)
  • Improved Data Grid Paging


  • FDA MyStudies Documentation Portal
  • Installation Documentation - The installation documentation has been improved, including separate checklists for Linux and Windows installations, Linux command examples, clarified requirements for Tomcat configuration, and more. (docs)

Premium Resources

The symbol indicates a feature available in a Premium Edition of LabKey Server.


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