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Most stages of Biologics development, Discovery included, require proper characterization of sequences and molecules to make good project advancement decisions. Being able to adjust the classification and physical property calculation of Protein Sequences (PS) and Molecules is key to ensuring trustworthy information about those entities. This topic covers how to update annotations and characteristics that affect physical properties if they change over time or were originally entered incorrectly.

Reclassify Protein Sequence

From the Protein Sequences dashboard, select the protein sequence you wish to reclassify. Select Manage > Reclassify.

Update Annotations

On the first page of the reclassification wizard, you will see the current Chain Format and Annotations for the sequence.

Reclassification actions include:

  • Review any updates to the Annotations that have been introduced since this protein sequence was last classified. These will be highlighted in green as shown below this list.
  • Review the Chain Format assignment that may have been recalculated since the original classification. If needed, you can select another Chain Format.
  • Add additional Annotations. Complete the required elements of the Add Annotation section, then click Add.
  • Delete previous annotations using the in the "Delete" column. You'll see the deleted annotation struck out and have the option to re-add it by clicking the before continuing.
Annotations that are newly applied with reclassification appear with a green highlight as well as an indicator in the New column. Hover for a tooltip reading "Will be added as a result of reclassification".

Adjust Molecules

After reviewing and adjusting the annotations, click Next to continue to the Molecules reclassification step.

Select molecules to reclassify in the grid. Reclassification may change their Molecular Species and Structure Format. Molecules that use a selected molecule as a component or sub-component will also be reclassified. Unselected molecules won't be changed, and will be given a classification status of "Reclassification Available".

Click Finish to complete the reclassification.

You can return to the Protein Sequence's reclassification interface later to select and reclassify remaining molecules.

View Classification Status from Molecule

Starting from the overview page for a Molecule, you can see the Classification Status in the Details panel.

If this indicates "Reclassification Available" you can return to the relevant Protein Sequence to reclassify it. Component Protein Sequences are listed below the Molecule details to assist you.

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