Prior to upgrading your installation of LabKey Server, we recommend that you backup your database, as well as other configuration and data files. Store these backups under <LK_ROOT>/backupArchive. Do NOT use <LABKEY_HOME>/backup (i.e. <LK_ROOT>/labkey/backup), as that location will be overwritten during upgrades.

We also recommend that you regularly perform maintenance tasks on your database. This section provides resources for both backup and maintenance policies.

Backup Topics


PostgreSQL Maintenance

To protect the data in your PostgreSQL database, you should regularly perform the routine maintenance tasks that are recommended for PostgreSQL users. These maintenance operations include using the VACUUM command to free disk space left behind by updated or deleted rows and using the ANALYZE command to update statistics used by PostgreSQL for query optimization. The PostgreSQL documentation for these maintenance commands can be found here:

"Site Down" Ribbon Message

If you need to take down your LabKey Server for maintenance or due to a serious database problem, you can post a "Ribbon Bar" message to notify users who try to access the site. Learn more in this topic:

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