LabKey Server is an open-source project created and enhanced by many developers from a variety of institutions throughout the world. We welcome and encourage any contributions to the project. Contributions must be well-written, thoroughly tested, and in keeping with the coding practices used throughout the code base.

All contributions must be covered by the Apache 2.0 License.

To make a contribution, follow these steps:

  • Make sure that you are not submitting Confidential Data.
  • Make sure that your contribution follows LabKey design and naming guidelines:
  • Post your request to contribute to the developer community forum. If your request is accepted, we will assign a committer to work with you to deliver your contribution.
  • Update your SVN enlistment to the most recent revision. Related documentation: Set Up a Development Machine.
  • Test your contribution thoroughly, and make sure you pass the Developer Regression Test (DRT). See Check in to the Source Project for more details about running and passing the DRT.
  • Create a patch file for your contribution and review the file to make sure the patch is complete and accurate.
    • Using TortoiseSVN, left click a folder and select Create Patch...
    • Using command line SVN, execute a command such as: svn diff > patch.txt
  • Send the patch file to the committer. The committer will review the patch, apply the patch to a local enlistment, run the DRT, and (assuming all goes well) commit your changes to the Subversion repository.


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