This topic provides the full release notes for LabKey version 19.2 (July 2019).


  • Assay QC States - Configure and use custom states for quality control workflows in assays. Available in both LabKey Server and Biologics. (admin docs) and (LabKey Server user docs)


  • Expanded Characters in Sequences. DNA/RNA sequences can use expanded characters beyond A, C, G, T, and U. (docs)
  • Reporting Enhancements User-created reports, charts, and custom grids are collected and displayed on the Reports tab. (docs)
  • Assay QC States - Configure and use custom states for quality control workflows in assays. Available in both LabKey Server and Biologics. (admin docs) and (Biologics user docs)

LabKey SQL

  • SQL Aggregate Functions - LabKey SQL now supports additional aggregating functions such as median, standard deviation, and variance. When executing against a PostgreSQL database, queries can also make use of PostgreSQL-specific aggregate functions, including: correlation coefficient, population covariance, and many others. (docs | docs)

Performance Improvements

  • Performance improvements by caching virtual schema metadata - Database schema metadata has always been cached, but beginning with release 19.2.x, table and column metadata for user schemas (i.e., virtual schemas) is also cached per request. This improves performance when processing complex queries.

Sample Sets

  • Parent Column Aliases - When importing sample data, indicate the column or columns that contain parentage information. (docs)
  • Unique Value Counters in Name Expressions - Generate a sequential ID based on values in other columns in a sample set, such as a series per lot. (docs)

Targeted Mass Spectrometry (Panorama)

  • Zip files during upload - .raw and .d directories containing raw data files from Agilent, Waters, and Bruker mass spectrometers are automatically zipped before upload to a Panorama files repository. (docs)
  • Premium Features for Panorama Partners - New features available exclusively to members of the Panorama Partners Program:
    • Panorama Premium: Outlier Notifications - Panorama Partners Program members can subscribe to email notifications for new QC folder data imports, or only when the number of outliers in a series of imports is over a threshold. (docs)
    • Panorama Premium: Configure QC Metrics - Panorama Partners Program members can configure which QC metrics are used for analysis. (docs)


  • Custom Chart Margins - Adjust chart margins for bar, box, line, and scatter plots. This option is useful when axis values overlap labels or for other presentation needs. (docs)

FDA MyStudies Platform

  • FDA MyStudies - LabKey Server provides key components of the FDA's open source MyStudies platform, including secure data storage and user management. (docs)


  • Log IP Address for Failed Logins - When a user's attempt to sign in fails, their IP address is recorded along with other details about the reason for the log-in failure. (docs)
  • MS1 Module Removed - The MS1 module has reached end of life and due to lack of usage, has been removed.
  • Internet Explorer - End of Support - LabKey no longer supports Internet Explorer. For details, see Supported Technologies.
  • Upgrade to Java 12 - Oracle has ended public support for Java 11 and, as a result, LabKey has completely removed support for Java 11 in the 19.2.0 release. For details, see Supported Technologies.
  • Upgrade all LabKey Dependencies - We strongly recommend that, as part of your LabKey Server upgrade, you also upgrade all major LabKey dependencies to their latest point releases: Java (12.0.2), Tomcat (9.0.22, 8.5.43, or 7.0.94), and PostgreSQL (11.4, 10.9, 9.6.14, 9.5.18, or 9.4.23). These are the releases that LabKey tests. Older point releases have serious security vulnerabilities, reliability issues, and known incompatibilities with LabKey. For details, see Supported Technologies.


  • Source Code Migration to GitHub - Core LabKey Server modules have been migrated from SVN to GitHub, as well as the central automated test code and all of the modules from server/customModules. (docs | docs)
  • Removal of ApiAction base action class - Custom API actions should now extend MutatingApiAction (for actions that perform operations that mutate the database, such as insert, update, or delete) or ReadOnlyAction (for actions that require GET and only perform database reads). (docs)
  • Improved Issues API - Insert and update issues using the JavaScript API. Also available in version 19.1.x. (docs)
  • WebDAV Support in Rlabkey - The Rlabkey package now includes support for using WebDAV for file and folder creation, deletion, download, etc. Learn more in the Rlabkey documentation available on CRAN, beginning on page 63.

Premium Resources

Update: Version 19.2.1

  • MATLAB Integration - Create MATLAB analyses and visualizations with data stored in LabKey Server using an ODBC connection. This functionality expands on LabKey ability to provide data to analytic tools such as Tableau, SSRS, Excel, and Access. (docs)

Update: Version 19.2.4

  • Secure ODBC - Support for ODBC connections over TLS (transport layer security). (docs)

Update: Version 19.2.5

  • File Watchers for Script Based Pipelines

The symbol indicates a feature available in a Premium Edition of LabKey Server.

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