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As proteomics methods are developed and refined, multiple documents are often produced that need to be tracked and linked together. For example, a first runs attempt may include many proteins, precursors, and transitions, which later run attempts will progressively narrow down to the best performing ones. In order to track the method development, documents can be marked with comments and linked together as a series of different versions.

Document Details

You can view a detailed profile for each document in Panorama by clicking the document name in Targeted MS Runs web part.

The Document Summary panel shows key summary information and links to actions and views.

  • Click the icon to rename the Skyline document.
  • Click to export. Learn more below.
  • Click the # versions link to jump to the Document Versions panel which shows the document's position in the series of versions.

Download the Document

In the Document Summary, the icon gives the full document size. Click to open a download menu.


  • SkyP file: A .skyp is a small text file that makes it easy to open the full document in Skyline. Skyline will automatically download the full file from Panorama (if needed). Unlike the file extension for the full Skyline file, Windows associates the .skyp file extension with Skyline so you can just double-click the file.
  • Full Skyline file
  • Copy relative URL to clipboard
  • Copy full URL to clipboard

Automatically Link Skyline Documents

The server will automatically link Skyline documents together at import time, provided that the Skyline documents provide a document ID. When importing a Skyline document whose ID matches one already in the folder, the incoming document will automatically be linked to the previous document(s) as the newest version in the document chain.

The document’s import log file will indicate if it was attached as a new version in the document chain.

Manually Link Document Versions

To manually chain together a series of document versions, select them in the Targeted MS Runs web part and click Link Versions.

The Link Versions panel will appear. You can drag and drop the documents into the preferred order and click Save.

Note that an individual document can be incorporated into only one document series -- it cannot be incorporated into different document series simultaneously.

Add Comments

To add comments to a document, click in the Flag column.

The Review panel will appear. Enter the comment and click Ok.

Comments are displayed in the Document Versions panel as notes.

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