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Biologics Workflow tools make it easy to plan and track your tasks with these lab workflow tools:

  • Create jobs to track and prioritize sequential tasks
  • Assign work to the right users
  • Use workflow templates to standardize common task sequences
  • Track progress toward completion
Administrators and users with the Workflow Editor role can create and manage workflows.

The Workflow section in the Biologics application provides flexible support for tracking any kind of workflow job and task. Design custom templates for repeated processes and assign task owners and individual due dates. Each user will see their own customized queue of tasks requiring their attention, and can see an additional tab of jobs they are following. Custom fields can be added to templates, helping to standardize various workflows.

Job Overview

Completing Tasks involving Assays and Samples

When completing tasks involving assays, you'll see a pair of links for each assay involved in this task.

  • View Data: Once there has been data uploaded for this assay in this task, this link will take you to the filtered run.
  • Import Run: Open the importer for the requested assay.
    • By default you will see the Enter Data into Grid option, with rows prepopulated for the samples assigned to this job task, making it easy to manually enter values.
    • You can use bulk insert, update, or import data from file methods if desired.

Related Topics

Creating and managing jobs, templates, and task queues within Biologics is very similar to using the same tools in LabKey Sample Manager. More detailed documentation is available in the Sample Manager Help topics here:

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