Tutorial: Create Applications with the JavaScript API

This tutorial shows you how to create an application for managing requests for reagent materials. It is a model for creating other applications which:
  • Provide web-based access to users and system managers with different levels of access.
  • Allows users to enter, edit, and review their requests.
  • Allows reagent managers to review requests in a variety of ways to help them optimize their fulfillment system.
The application is implemented using:
  • JavaScript/HTML pages - Provides the user interface pages.
  • Several Lists - Holds the requests, reagent materials, and user information.
  • Custom SQL queries - Filtered views on the Lists.
  • R Reports - Provides visualization of user activity.
See the interactive demo version of this application: Reagent Request Application


To complete this tutorial, you will need:

  • Admin or Developer permissions on a LabKey Server installation.
  • To complete the R step, your LabKey Server instance must be configured to use R.
Ask your server admin for access to a folder where you can complete this tutorial, or install a local server on a Windows machine.

Tutorial Steps:

First Step


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