Tutorial: Create Applications with the JavaScript API

This topic is under construction for the 17.3 release of LabKey Server. For current documentation of this feature, click here.

This tutorial shows you how to create an application for managing requests for reagent materials. It is a model for creating other applications which:

  • Provide web-based access to users and system managers with different levels of access.
  • Allows users to enter, edit, and review their requests.
  • Allows reagent managers to review requests in a variety of ways to help them optimize their fulfillment system.
The application is implemented using:
  • JavaScript/HTML pages - Provides the user interface pages.
  • Several Lists - Holds the requests, reagent materials, and user information.
  • Custom SQL queries - Filtered views on the Lists.
  • R Reports - Provides visualization of user activity.
See the interactive demo version of this application: Reagent Request Application


To complete this tutorial, you will need:

  • Admin or Developer permissions on a LabKey Server installation.
  • To complete the R step, your LabKey Server instance must be configured to use R.
Ask your server admin for access to a folder where you can complete this tutorial, or install a local server on a Windows machine.

Tutorial Steps:

First Step


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