Users of your application must first sign "terms of use" before they enter and see data. The compliance module can be configured to display different terms of use depending on declarations made by the user for entering the data environment. It can also link together and log the (1) terms of use agreed to by the user, (2) the data and queries viewed, and (3) the IRB declared by the user. This topic explains how to configure the various terms of use available to users.

Configure Terms of Use

  • To enter terms of use, go to Admin > Go To Module > Compliance.
  • On the Compliance Module Configuration page, click Terms of Use.
  • On the Terms of Use grid, select Insert > New Row (to enter a single terms of use) or Insert > Import Bulk Data (to enter multiple terms using an Excel spreadsheet or similar tabular file).
  • Field descriptions:
    • Activity: Activity roles associated with the terms of use.
    • IRB: The Internal Review Board number under which the user is entering the data environment.
    • PHI: The PHI level associated with the terms of use.
    • Term: Text of the terms of use.
    • Sort Order: Determines how the terms are displayed to the user.

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