Users of your application must first sign "terms of use" before they enter and see data. The compliance module can be configured to display different terms of use depending on declarations made by the user before entering the data environment. This topic explains how to configure the various terms of use available to users, and how to dynamically produce terms of use depending on user declarations at login.

The terms of use mechanism described here is intended for compliant environments where users assert their IRB number and intended activity before agreeing to the dynamically constructed terms of use. Another, simpler feature is available which uses a static terms of use. For details see Establish Terms of Use.

Configure Terms of Use

Administrators enter different elements and paragraphs, elements which are used to dynamically construct a terms of use based on user assertions at login.

The configuration described below will apply to your current container (project or folder) only. This configuration can be re-used in child folders if desired.

  • Ensure that the modules Compliance and ComplianceActivities are installed on your server and enabled in your folder. If you do not see these modules at Admin > Folder > Management > Folder Type tab, then contact your primary server administrator.
  • To enter terms of use elements, go to Admin > Go To Module > Compliance.
  • Select Require activity/PHI level selection & Terms of Use agreement to require users to agree to terms of use before logging in.
  • To reuse a pre-existing terms of use from the parent folder, select Inherit Terms of Use from parent.
  • To configure new terms of use for the current folder, follow the instructions below:
  • On the Compliance Module Configuration page, click Terms of Use.
  • On the Terms of Use grid, select Insert > New Row (to enter a single terms of use) or Insert > Import Bulk Data (to enter multiple terms using an Excel spreadsheet or similar tabular file).

  • Field descriptions:
    • Activity: Activity roles associated with the terms of use element. (Note that the Activity dropdown is populated by values in the ComplianceActivities module.)
    • IRB: The Internal Review Board number under which the user is entering the data environment.
    • PHI: The PHI level associated with the terms of use element.
    • Term: Text of the terms of use element.
    • Sort Order: Determines the order in which the elements are displayed to the user.
The following terms of use element will be displayed to users that assert an activity of Research Operations, an IRB of 2345, and a PHI level of Limited PHI or Full PHI. It will also be displayed as the third paragraph in the dynamically constructed terms of use.

Dynamic Terms of Use: Example

Assume that an administrator has set up the following terms of use elements.

And assume that a user makes the following assertions before logging in.

Then the following terms of use will be constructed and displayed to the user.

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