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Query dependencies are traced and noted in the schema browser in a Dependency Report, below the lists of columns and indices. Particularly for user-defined queries derived from built in queries and tables it can be helpful to track the sources and dependents when you make any query changes.

View Query Dependencies

To see the Dependency Report, select (Admin) > Go To Module > Query and select the schema and table or query of interest.

Shown below, the "AverageTemp + Physical Exam" query depends on both the table "Physical Exam" and another query, "AverageTempPerParticipant". Notice the different icon indicators. In turn, this query was used to base another query "Physical Exam + TempDelta" shown under Dependents.

If there are no dependencies for the query, this section will not be shown.

Note that when the dependency report is run, it will need to determine the columns in each query. For a PIVOT query, this may have performance implications, causing it to appear as if the dependency report does not load. Learn about possible optimizations in this topic: Pivot Queries

Lookups in Dependency Reports

The Dependency Report also includes lookups between tables and queries. For example, if in a study, the "Demographics" dataset has a lookup into the "Languages" list, this relationship will be included in both Dependency Reports:

Trace Cross-Folder Query Dependencies

  • Select (Admin) > Go To Module > Query.
  • Click Cross Folder Dependencies.
  • Select the scope of the analysis:
    • Site Level: Perform analysis across all folders and projects on the server.
    • Current Project Level: Perform analysis within the current project and all subfolders of it.
  • Click Start Analysis.

Once the analysis begins, the entire schema browser will be masked and a progress indicator will be shown. Folder names will be displayed as they are analyzed. When the analysis is complete, a message box will appear. Click OK to close.

All query detail tabs that are currently open will have their dependency report refreshed to display any information that was added from the cross folder analysis.

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