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In this step, we import two pre-prepared archives to simplify creating a more complex assay design than we used in the first tutorial. These define:

  • A set of lists used by the assay design to define lookups for several properties
  • A pre-prepared assay design for a Luminex® experiment

Set Up

  • If you have not already set up the Luminex tutorial project, follow this topic to do so: Set Up Luminex Tutorial Folder.
  • Return to this page when you have completed the set up.

Import the List Archive

The lists imported here define sets of acceptable values for various properties included in the assay design that you will import in a later step. These acceptable values are used to provide drop-down lists to users importing runs to simplify data entry.

Import the List Archive

  • Navigate to your Luminex tutorial folder.
  • Select (Admin) > Manage Lists.
  • Click Import List Archive.
  • Click Browse/Choose File and from the Luminex example data you downloaded, select
  • Click Import List Archive.

Import the Assay Design Archive

Next, you will import a pre-prepared assay design which will be used to capture Luminex data.

  • Click the Luminex link to return to the main folder page.
  • In the Files web part, double click the Luminex folder.
  • Select Luminex Assay 200.xar.
  • Click Import Data.
  • In the popup dialog, confirm that Import Experiment is selected and click Import.
  • Refresh your browser, and in the Assay List, the new assay design "Luminex Assay 200" will appear.

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