LabKey's JavaScript API reference files are generated automatically when you build LabKey Server. These files can be found in the ROOT\build\client-api\javascript\docs directory, where ROOT is the directory where you have placed the files for your LabKey Server installation.

Generating API docs separately can come in handy when you wish to customize the JSDoc compilation settings or alter the JSDoc template. This page helps you generate API reference documentation from annotated javascript files. LabKey uses the open-source JsDoc Toolkit to produce reference materials.

Use the Gradle Build Target

From the ROOT\server directory, use the following to generate the JavaScript API docs:

gradlew jsdoc

You will find the results in the ROOT\build\clientapi_docs folder. Click on the "index.html" file to see your new API reference site.

If you need to alter the output template, you can find the JsDoc Toolkit templates in the ROOT\tools\jsdoc-toolkit\templates folder.

Use an Alternative Build Method

You can also build the documents directly from within the jsdoc-toolkit folder.

First, place your annotated .js files in a folder called "clientapi" in the jsdoc-toolkit folder (<JSTOOLKIT> in the code snippet below). Then use a command line similar to the following to generate the docs:

C:\<JSTOOLKIT>>java -jar jsrun.jar app\run.js clientapi -t=templates\jsdoc

You will find the resulting API doc files a folder called "out" in your jsdocs-toolkit folder. Click on the "index.html" file inside the jsdocs folder inside "out" to see your new API reference site.

Further Info on JsDocs and Annotating Javascript with Tags

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