Assign Cohorts

Cohorts can be used to group participants by particular characteristics, such as disease state, for efficient analysis. Participants may be assigned manually to cohorts, or automatically by using a dataset field of type string, as in this tutorial example data, where "group assignments" have been made based on diagnosis as recorded in the demographics dataset.

  • Click the Manage tab and then click Manage Cohorts.
  • On the Participant/Cohort Dataset dropdown menu, select Demographics.
  • On the Cohort Field Name dropdown menu, select Group Assignment.
  • Click Update Assignments.
  • You will see the list of cohorts defined by the designated column followed by a list showing which participants are assigned to which cohort. In this case, only participants with group assignments will be assigned to cohorts.

View Cohorts

Select the Participants tab and notice that the participants are listed by ID and there is a filter panel offering the option to filter by cohort. Hover over an option to see the list of participants with a quick visual indication of the prevalence of that option. Click labels or use checkboxes to filter the list displayed.

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