Lineage relationships established through the experiment framework or using the run builder are displayed on the Run Details panel. Either start from the Run Details and click the Graph Summary View tab, or click the graph icon in the Experiment Runs web part.

Graph Summary View

The Graph Summary View shows the overall run process. The currently 'selected' node will show Details to the right and you can click to select other nodes for their details.

You may instead see a legacy graph format and a Toggle Beta Graph button to switch to the above view. Learn more below).

Run Properties

The Run Properties tab on the Graph Summary View presents the properties defined for this run.

Graph Detail View

The Graph Detail View tab focuses on one part of the graph. Click any node to see the detail page.

Text View

The Text View tab gives a table and text based overview of the run.

Legacy Experiment Run Graph Notation

Experiment run graphs are presented using the following graphical notation representing the flow of the experiment.

For example, the above graph is represented like this in the legacy view:

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