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File Watchers monitor directories on the file system and perform specific actions when desired files appear. When new or updated files appear in a monitored directory, a specified pipeline task (or set of tasks) will be triggered. Multiple File Watchers can be set up to monitor a single directory for file changes, or each File Watcher could watch a different location.

Each File Watcher can be configured to be triggered only when specific file name patterns are detected, such as watching for '.xlsx' files, etc. Use caution when defining multiple File Watchers to monitor the same location. If file name patterns are not sufficiently distinct, you may encounter conflicts among File Watchers acting on the same files.

When files are detected, by default they are moved (not copied) to the LabKey folder's pipeline root where they are picked up for processing. You can change this default behavior and specify that the files be moved to a different location during configuration of the File Watcher.


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