Each web part on a page has a pull down control menu next to the title.

Web Part Controls

The particular control options available vary by type of web part. Most web parts have this basic set:

  • Customize: Options for customization; for instance, search may be configured to include subfolders or not. Other web parts have small/medium/large display options.
  • Permissions: Configure web parts to be displayed only when the user has some required role or permission. For details see Web Parts: Permissions Required to View.
  • Move Up/Down: Adjust the location of the web part on the page.
  • Remove From Page: This option removes the web part UI but not the associated module or any underlying data or other content.

Web Part Specific Control Options

The list of actions provided in the dropdown is specific to the web part. For example, the actions on the dropdown for the Messages web part include new message creation, list view, email preferences and administration, and an admin option for controlling the naming, sorting, and other behavior of the messages feature.





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