Panorama is a freely available, open-source web server database application for targeted proteomics assays that integrates into a Skyline proteomics workflow. The LabKey Panorama module supports management of targeted mass spectrometry data and integration with Skyline workflows (SRM-MS, filtering or MS2 based projects).

Panorama Folder Types

To begin working with Panorama: Create a new folder, choose Panorama as the folder type, and on the Configure Panorama Folder page, select one of the available configurations:

  • Experimental data: A repository of Skyline documents, useful for collaborating, sharing and searching across multiple experiments.
  • Multi-attribute method (MAM): An experimental data folder variant with additional reporting for multi-attribute method analyses.
  • Chromatogram library: Curated precursor and product ion expression data for use in designing and validating future experiments.
    • Check Rank peptides within proteins by peak area if your data contains relative peptide expression for proteins.
  • QC: Quality control metrics of reagents and instruments.

Experimental Data

  • The Sharing Skyline Documents Tutorial on the PanoramaWeb site provides an introduction to using Panorama and covers the following areas:
    • Requesting a project on
    • Data organization and folder management in Panorama
    • Publishing Skyline documents to Panorama
    • Data display options and searching results uploaded to Panorama
    • Providing access to collaborators and other groups

Related Topics

Multi-attribute Methods (MAM)

The Multi-attribute Methods folder is the same as the Experiment Data folder with additional reports provided.

Learn more in the topic:

Chromatogram Library

In the Panorama Chromatogram Libraries Tutorial you will go through the steps of creating a library folder in Panorama for storing curated, targeted results.

  • Build a chromatogram library in Panorama
  • Use it in Skyline to select peptides and product ions to measure in a new experimental setting
  • Compare library chromatograms with new data to validate peptide indentifications.

Panorama QC Folder

Additional Documentation

Additional documentation is available on the PanoramaWeb site .


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