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Panorama is a web server database application for targeted proteomics assays that integrates into a Skyline proteomics workflow. The LabKey Panorama module supports management of targeted mass spectrometry data and integration with Skyline workflows (SRM-MS, filtering or MS2 based projects).

Panorama Folder Types

To begin working with Panorama, create a new folder, choosing Panorama as the folder type. On the Configure Panorama Folder page, select one of the available configurations. Each type in this list links to a set of documentation.

  • Experimental data: A collection of published Skyline documents for various experimental designs.
  • Quality control: System suitability monitoring of reagents and instruments.
  • Chromatogram library: Curated precursor and product ion expression data for use in designing and validating future experiments.
    • Check Rank peptides within proteins by peak area if your data contains relative peptide expression for proteins.
  • Multi-attribute method (MAM): An experimental data folder variant with additional reporting for multi-attribute method analyses.

Create New Panorama Folder

  • Create a new folder. Hover over your project name in the menu bar (On PanoramaWeb, right below the Panorama icon) and click on the New Subfolder icon circled in the image below.
  • Give the new folder a Name, then select the Panorama option under Folder Type. This is the folder type that should be selected for all workflows supported by Skyline (SRM-MS, MS1 filtering or MS2 based projects).
  • On the Users / Permissions page, select one of the available options and click Next.
    • You can also change permissions on a folder after it has been created.
  • The next page, Configure Panorama Folder, asks you to choose the type of Panorama folder you would like to create, detailed above.
  • Click Finish.

Topics for each Panorama Folder Type:

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