This step explains how to put into place the tabs and web parts that form the user interface for the laboratory workflow folder.

Set Up a Folder

  • Log in to your server and navigate to your "Tutorials" project. Create it if necessary.
    • If you don't already have a server to work on where you can create projects, start here.
    • If you don't know how to create projects and folders, review this topic.
  • Create a new subfolder named "Lab Workflow". Choose the folder type "Assay."


We will set up three tabs to reflect the basic workflow: the lab begins with Vials, which are run through different Experiments, which finally provide Assay Results.

  • You should now have three tabs in this order: Vials, Experiments, Assay Results.

Web Parts

Finally add web parts to the tabs. These web parts allow users to manage the inventory, samples, and assay data.

Now you have a basic user interface: each tab represents a different part of the lab workflow in left to right order: vials --> experiments --> assay results.

In the next topic we add data to our workspace.

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