Each folder type has a characteristic set of "modules" enabled by default. Each enabled module provides functionality to the folder: the assay module provides functionality related to experimental data, the study module provides data-integration functionality, etc. You can expand the functionality of a folder by enabling other modules beyond the default set.

Enable a Module in a Folder

  • Navigate to the LabKey folder where you wish to enable the module.
  • Select (Admin) > Folder > Management > Folder Type tab.
  • In the Modules list, add a checkmark next to the desired module to activate it in the current folder.
  • Click Update Folder.

Depending on the module, a new set of web parts may now be available in the folder.

Open a Module

An admin can directly open a module, and access tools made available there.

  • Select (Admin) > Go To Module.
  • If the module you want is not show, choose More Modules.
  • Click the module name to open it.

The list of enabled modules may be long, so a filter box is provided: type to narrow the menu.

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