The following checklist provides a general guideline for backing up your data. For an example backup plan see A Sample Backup Plan.

You should backup the following data in LabKey Server:

  1. Database
  2. Data Files
  3. Configuration and Log Files

1. Database

LabKey Server stores your data in a relational database. By default LabKey is installed with the open-source relational database PostgreSQL. You may also use LabKey with Microsoft SQL Server. The links below provide backup information specific to these databases.

PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL provides commands for three different levels of database backup: SQL dump, file system level backup, and on-line backup. The PostgreSQL documentation for backing up your database can be found here:

Microsoft SQL Server. For further information on administering Microsoft SQL Server, see the documentation that came with your Microsoft SQL Server installation.

2. Data Files

Site-level File Root. You should backup the contents (files and sub-directories) of the site-level file root. The location of the site-level file root is set at: Admin -> Site -> Admin Console -> Files.

Pipeline Files. You should also back up any directories or file shares that you specify as root directories for the LabKey pipeline. In addition to the raw data that you place in the pipeline directory, LabKey will generate files that are stored in this directory. The location of the pipeline root is available at:

Other File Locations. To see a summary list of file locations: go to Admin -> Site -> Admin Console -> Files, and then click Expand All. Note the Default column: if a file location has the value false, then you should backup the contents of that location manually.

Note: For some LabKey Server modules, the files (pipeline root or file content module) and the data in the database are very closely linked. Thus, it is important to time the database backup and the file system backup as closely as possible.

3. Configuration and Log Files

Log Files. Log files are located in <CATALINA_HOME>/logs.

Configuration Files. Cofiguration files are located in <LABKEY_HOME>.


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