We're delighted to announce the release of LabKey Server version 21.3.

Highlights of Version 21.3

LabKey Server

  • Ontologies Integration - Control vocabularies and semantics using ontology integration. (docs)
    • Browse the concepts in your ontologies and add concept annotations to data. (docs)
    • Use an Ontology Lookup to map entered information to preferred vocabularies. (docs)
    • Additional SQL functions and annotations. (docs)
  • Option to merge changes when importing dataset data. (Also available in 20.11.3) - (docs)
  • Dataset audit logs provide a detailed view of what data has changed - (docs)
  • New Assay Type Selection Interface - Simplified method for selecting a Standard assay (recommended and most common), vs. one of the Specialty assays. (docs)

Sample Manager

  • Freezer management has been added to Sample Manager. Key features include:
    • Match digital storage to physical storage in your lab with configurable freezers. (docs)
    • Easily store and locate samples from anywhere in the application. (docs)
    • Track locations and chain of custody of samples. (docs)
    • Check in and out, record amount used, and increment freeze/thaw counts. (docs)
    • Easily migrate from another system by importing sample data simultaneously with location data. (docs)
  • Improved sample import includes removal of previous size limits on data import, background sample imports, and in-app notifications when background imports complete. (docs | docs)


  • A new home page highlights samples and assay data.
  • A new navigation menu has been introduced and is available throughout the application. (docs)
  • Improved user experience for creation and management of Sample Types and Assay Designs. (docs | docs)
  • In-app Notifications are provided when background imports are completed. (docs)

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Release Notes

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