In this step we will examine our data graphs. As you saw in the previous step, graphs are selected within the grid customizer but are not shown by default.

Review Graphs

  • On the My Flow Tutorial page, in the Flow Analyses web part, click Analysis then labkey-demo.xml to return to the grid.
  • Select Show Graphs > Inline.
  • The inline graphs are rendered. Note: for large datasets, it may take some time for all graphs to render. Some metrics may not have graphs.
  • Note that 3 graph size options are available at the top of the data table. The default is "Medium Graphs".
  • Click on any graph image to make it pop forward in a larger format.
  • See thumbnail graphs in columns with other data by selecting Show Graphs > Thumbnail.
  • Hide graphs by selecting Show Graphs > None.

See a similar online example.

Review Other Visualizations

The following pages provide other views and visualizations of the flow data.

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the labkey-demo.xml page.
  • Click Show Compensation to view the compensation matrix. (A similar online example)
  • Go back to labkey-demo.xml.
  • Click Experiment Run Graph and then choose the tab Graph Detail View to see a graphical version of the pipeline process. Scroll to the right to see the more interesting part of the graph. See a similar online example here.

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