With a LabKey study, creating a participant report lets you show data for one or more individual participants for selected measures. Measures from different datasets in the study can be combined in a single report. A filter panel lets you dynamically change which

Create a Participant Report

  • In a study, select (Admin) > Manage Views.
  • Choose Add Report > Participant Report.
  • Click Choose Measures, select one or more measures, then click Select.
  • Enter a Report Name and optional Report Description.
  • Select whether this report will be Viewable By all readers or only yourself.
  • When you first create a report, you will be in "edit mode" and can change your set of chosen measures. Below the selection panel, you will see partial results.
    • Toggle the edit panel by clicking the (pencil) icon at the top of the report to see more results; you may reopen it at any time to further edit or save the report.
  • Click the Filter Report (chevron) button to open the filter panel to refine which participants appear in the report.
  • Select desired filters using the radio buttons and checkboxes. You may hide the filter panel with the , or if you click the X to close it entirely, a Filter Report link will appear on the report menu bar.
  • Click the Transpose button to flip the columns and rows in the generated tables, so that columns are displayed as rows and vice versa, as shown below.
  • When you have created the report you want, click Save.
  • Your new report will appear in the Data Views.

Export to Excel File

  • Select Export > To Excel.

Add the Participant Report as a Web Part

  • Enter > Page Admin Mode.
  • Select Report from the <Select Web Part>, select Report.
  • Name the web part, and select the participant report you created above.
  • Click Submit.
  • Click Exit Admin Mode.

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