Preparation Steps

Before you upgrade, you should backup your database and notify your users that the system will be down for a period of time.

If you are upgrading to a new version of Apache Tomcat, see Supported Tomcat Versions for important information about using different versions of Tomcat with LabKey Server.

Upgrade on Windows

Upgrade on Linux or OSX

Supported Versions for Upgrade

Please see the LabKey Releases and Upgrade Support Policy page.

Pipeline Jobs

It is a known issue that pipeline jobs that are in progress prior to an upgrade may not resume successfully after an upgrade. The same is true for jobs that may have hit an error condition if they are retried after an upgrade. In general, hotfix releases should not have incompatibilities when resuming jobs, but major version transitions will sometimes exhibit this problem. When possible, it is recommended to let jobs complete prior to performing an upgrade.

To check the status of jobs, use the Pipeline link from the Admin Console.


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