Preparation Steps

Before you upgrade, you should backup your database and notify your users that the system will be down for a period of time.

If you are upgrading to a new version of Apache Tomcat, see Supported Tomcat Versions for important information about using different versions of Tomcat with LabKey Server.

Upgrade Options


  • If you are upgrading an instance of LabKey Server that was originally installed using the Windows Graphical Installer wizard, then you can use the same wizard to perform the upgrade.
    • Note: If you are upgrading using the Windows Graphical Installer after making changes to your labkey.xml file, such as to run multiple datasources, you may encounter permissions errors during the upgrade due to the wrong login credentials being applied. Before performing the upgrade, back up your working labkey.xml file, then edit it to exclude any login credentials other than the original Postgres "sa" database user. After the upgrade, restore your working labkey.xml file.
  • Otherwise, you need to upgrade LabKey Server manually. You can use the upgrade batch script described here.
  • After upgrade, you may need to reset your browser cache. See Troubleshooting Upgrade.

Linux, Solaris or Mac OSX

You can use the script to streamline the upgrade process. See Manual Upgrade Script for Linux, MacOSX, and Solaris for more information.

Supported Versions for Upgrade

Please see LabKey's Upgrade Support Policy.


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