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  • (Performance) Loading Custom Views. The flag "alwaysUseTitlesForLoadingCustomViews" will be removed in version 17.3. Beginning with version 17.2, you can use an experimental feature to disable this flag making it easier to find and fix legacy views. (docs)
  • Shared View Editor. This new role grants users the ability to create and edit custom views in a folder, without granting broad Editor access. (docs)
  • Option to retain edit history when copying a wiki to a new container (docs)
  • JavaScript API: Addition of tickValues to the LABKEY.vis.Plot API. (docs)
  • Copy Wiki History on Move
  • Evaluation Server
  • App Admin Role
  • Compliance module
  • Biologics
    • Vendor Mixtures
  • Globus File Repository
  • Automatic Linking of Assay Data to Image Files: (docs)
  • Gradle Build (docs)
  • Experimental Feature: UX Refresh
  • Panorama features
  • Build Content Reports
  • New Doc CSS and Support Home Page



  • Node.js build dependency. In order to build richer UI and improve theme tooling, the LabKey Server build has taken a dependency on Node.js and the node package manager (npm). We recommend installing/upgrading to the latest LTS version (6.x) and ensuring you have both node/npm available on your path. Operating system specific installations are available on their website.
Note to module developers: If you already have a package.json declared at the root of your module our build currently requires certain "scripts" targets be available:
  • build
  • build-prod
  • clean
  • setup





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